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Welcome to the landing page of Dowgin Industries. From here you can access the various industries of Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin. Being of true Norwegian descent, he can not just have one occupation. Just a man of all trades and a master of most...

Quality, dedication, knowledge, and skill are employed in all of his endeavors with his own brand of creative flair. Either it be the best of the countries new literature, reinventing the book salon, creating great web content, engaging graphics, miraculous illustrations, fixing all your IT needs, brainstorming, or fixing your head Dowgin Industries is there for you.

Salem House Press brings you timeless world class Character Design and World Building filled with wonderful critters and people created with only his own whimsical flair in strange fun imaginative worlds. Dowgin brings you Journey of the Hero Storytelling thorough the understanding of the psychological underpinning of world religions, fairy tales, and mythology that has shaped histories classics and modern masterpieces. Salem House Press helps you see your Book Finished, Printed, marketed and Sol!d From top notch editing developing your ideas, finding your consistent voice, improving your writing style, and finding those nasty typos, we get your book into print within a well design concept, and hound you that 90% of selling your book is marketing. Plus he has invented the Flip & scan eBook card which all you have to do is take a picture of the QR code and it loads the book on your device. Getting books out of the bookstore and into the rest of the world. Imagine if Coca~Cola was still only sold by the fountain jerk...

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Salem Smugglers' Tour takes you on adventures that Entertain and Enlighten. Bringing you the natural wonders and people of the great Boston Gold Coast filled with day trips of shopping, museums, forest hikes, beautiful vistas, and drives. Plus self-guided interactive tours filled with multimedia going deep into the history of the region and its current impacts. Hocus Pocus, Witch Hysteria, Comedy, Lovecraft, and tunnel tours.

Norge Forge illumination Studios generates you web presence filled with social media and video marketing, winning illustrations and graphics,fixes your computer woes on your tablet, iPhone, and computers, and teaches the hardest students filled with patience how to navigate their computers, phones, and websites.


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Character Design and World Building


Journey of the Hero Storytelling


Tours that Entertain and Enlighten


See your Book Finished, Printed, marketed and Sold

Solving your Computer Woes


Helping you Succeed on the Internet


Helping People Find their Bliss and Success

For special individuals Chris helps you find your blisss and success through tradition psychological techniques found in ancient teaching stories throughout the world mixed with modern Jungian approaches, he helps you find yourself, your bliss, and the success in the life you were born to live. Providing you with great strategic development and planing. The truth is one and sages know it by various names. What is yours?

Great Listener

For $400 an hour will listen to you and guarantee you will feel much more relaxed and centered. You are not going to feel more relaxed, heard, or understood by the time you finish talking.