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OK, you have a great website, but who knows about it! How do you get on the first page of Google? How do You become a hit on Facebook? Is Facebook even the best way? Here at Norge Forge we go over you website first and optimize it for fast load times, accessibility, mobile friendly, and many other factors Google will weigh your site against. Then we suggest keyword and long tail keyword you must optimize for a winning strategy. Then we can lead you Google Adword and Adsense campaigns. What about an amazing YouTube channel? Podcast? How do you let people know you have updated your content? Do you have an effective email list and newsletter? Do you know what the difference between Pinterest and Instagram? Do you know what and when to post on either and for whom? We will take the mystery out of SEO and social media and create you a winning strategy that will result in conversions, ROI, and followers! Also we will teach your staff to create content with SEO in mind to facilitate your projects and save you money in the long run. Email us today and tell us how we can make you money!

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To contact any of the various companies, please contact them directly by their appropriate email that can be found on their websites.

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Any media inquiries about booking Mr. Dowgin for lectures, music venues, book signings, non-profits, Dance Paintings, and consultations please contact Chris with the information above.